Hello and welcome to The Grey Bell!

I am Dana and on any given day you will find me cooking up a storm, wrangling my Weimaraner puppy, baby and farmer husband- very often all at the same time.  One of my favourite things is to host and feed my friends and family, usually with copious amounts of wine and scotch.  I have a Master’s degree and have a day job in municipal government, but food is my true passion.

I am farm-raised and we live on a dairy farm in rural Ontario.  On the farm, the kitchen is so much more than where the cooking happens.  It is the meeting place, where business deals are closed, and where the family comes together.  That being said, my kitchen is usually a mess, absolutely hideous, ridiculously small, and only has one working electrical outlet.  The struggle is real, but we make it work.

Just so you know what you’re getting into, this blog will be a mixture of comfort food made right and easy meals that are fresh and fast as I believe you need both in your life.  I am not big on trends- you will not find hibiscus flavoured anything on this blog- and the farmer has forbade me to ever serve a meatless meal.

On the name… no the name is not spelled wrong.  I was born and raised in Grey County and my maiden name was Bell (get it?  I thought it was witty).  In retrospect, probably should have chosen something more “foodie”.

Thanks for stopping by, follow along and eat well!